WeeGeaux By VGo, A New Telepresence Robot For Healthcare In BR

“Meet 4thekids WeeGeaux by VGo!”
weegeaux4theKids is very excited to announce their donation of a new, much needed device for healthcare in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! WeeGeaux by VGo will help maintain the important connection between children, patients, and their support group – whether their teachers, doctors, family members, friends, or even certain special event partners such as their prom date! 4theKids has purchased a robotic telepresence device to be used for healthcare, education and social interaction. This robot will give patients a virtual presence at home with family, at school, and at important social events with friends

4thekids would like to thank VGo and its new parent company Vecna Technologies for its assistance in helping us bring the first telepresence robot to healthcare in our state of Louisiana!

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